October 2017 SSC Agenda/Minutes

San Diego Unified School District

Juarez Elementary School

SSC Meeting

Date: October 30, 2017


Legal Requirements (Check topics to be covered at this meeting):

SSC Business -


Title I Parent Involvement Policy, Home School Compact


SPSA Goal Review

SSC Bylaws

SPSA Target Progress

DAC, ELAC Merger


Modifications for SPSA Goals, Strategies, Funding

Uniform Complaint Procedures

Assessment and Evaluation Survey for SPSA


Budget -


Parent Education Opportunities

Funding Updates (District Information)

SSC Survey (end of year)

Modifications to Categorical Funding based on Target Updates

Data Review -

Site Developed Data


District Benchmark Data

EL Program

Quarterly Target Data Review







Action Requested of SSC Members

1. Call to Order

  • SSC Chairperson

  • Informational - called to order 8:18 am by Dallas Dumont

2. Introduction of New SSC Members

  • Informational:

  • Voting of new SSC Officers

  • Informational - New members of the 2017-2018 were introduced - all members of SSC were introduced: Kahlil Justice, Dallas Dumont, Kyle Broderick, Sonia Fleishman, Wendy Culver, Patty Leming, Skye Oluwa, Isaac Santillan, Jamie McCaskey, and Emily Liebenberg (new members in bold)

  • Voting - Postponed

3. SPSA Goals / Review

  • Informational:

  • Informational - Oluwa described what our SPSA was and what the current goals are. Data was then presented to the SSC from the SBAC including, but not limited to - overall grade level ELA, SWD in ELA, ELs in ELA, English Only in ELA, overall grade level in Math, SWD in Math, General Ed in Math, ELs in Math, ELs only in Math, and 3rd grade DRA levels from the month of October. Discussion ensued around the Dual Language Program and how our data fairs compared to other DL Programs in the district, as well as compared to what research says students should be able to do in a DL Program. The SSC voted to keep our current 17-18 SPSA goals, as they are seen as reasonable to meet percentages. D. Dumont made the motion, P. Leming seconded the motion. Passed unanimously. DRA data from 3rd grade shows that our current baseline for students meeting 3rd grade level end of year proficiency levels is 0%. The question was also asked if we will ever add Spanish goals into the SPSA. - We do not know at this point in time, however, we know that students should be performing in both English and Spanish, as the skills transfer and research shows that students in a dual language program should be exceeding their English only peers.

4. Data Review

  • Informational: SBAC data and DRA

  • Informational - see above, as well as: the question was raised if we would be assessing (similar test to the SBAC in Spanish). There is not a state test that our students will perform on, however, our district has the KPS assessment that our 5th grade students will do as of next year. This assessment shows where our students are and can help to place them in middle school in the proper program. The district also believes that the Kindergarten award for the pathway and the exit exam in fifth grade is too big of a gap and that we must assess their pathway in 3rd grade. As a site, we believe we should do this so that we can respond to the needs of students.

  • The discussion came up around the type of program that Juarez offers (50/50). Oluwa explained the difference between a 90/10 model and the 50/50 model and that in the 50/50 model the student population also reflects the percentage of language that is used by the teacher. In a 90/10 model, the teacher is the model, and so more time is spent immersed in that language during the day to offer more exposure.

5. LCAP Survey

  • Informational

  • Informational - the LCAP was reviewed and discussion began in regards to what our charge was in this process.

  • The question was asked if all staff members have been PBIS trained. The answer is no.

  • Is seems as though the LCAP is very general, and covers everything and everybody, but when you get down to the brass tax of it, there is not much support at the school sites (example, school counselors only on campus one day a week, as well as nurse).

  • Questions raised: why (in 3.1.a) is the amount of money being spent from unrestricted as it is?

  • Why isn't there a campus nurse every day when we say we have wellness in district?

  • What will our students need to be successful in junior high - learning language versus learning in the language?

  • Why isn't Juarez explicitly called out in the LCAP, but Tierrasanta is?

  • We need a counselor everyday - these are the specifics that need to be called out in LCAP - not general statements

SSC will reconvene on November 9, 2017, in order to discuss survey. Prior to this date, all team asked to come prepared to discuss answers to the survey. If members cannot make it, they are asked to email the answers to Skye or Dallas so that we can input the ideas into the document.

6. Public Comment

  • Informational: None

Next Scheduled SSC Meeting: November 9, 2017

8:15-9:15 p.m., Library

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