September 2017 SSC Agenda/Minutes

San Diego Unified School District

Juarez Elementary School

SSC Meeting

Date: September 19, 2017


Legal Requirements (Check topics to be covered at this meeting):

SSC Business -



Title I Parent Involvement Policy, Home School Compact


SPSA Goal Review


SSC Bylaws

SPSA Target Progress

DAC, ELAC Merger


Modifications for SPSA Goals, Strategies, Funding

Uniform Complaint Procedures

Assessment and Evaluation Survey for SPSA


Budget -


Parent Education Opportunities

Funding Updates (District Information)

SSC Survey (end of year)

Modifications to Categorical Funding based on Target Updates

Data Review -

Site Developed Data


District Benchmark Data

EL Program

Quarterly Target Data Review


Other X





Action Requested of SSC Members

1. Call to Order

  • SSC Chairperson (Dallas Dumont)

  • Informational


  • Action Item: Voting - Principal Oluwa discussed the 11 Criterion. Discussion ensued about the unsafe manners of parents and community members on Melbourne. What else can be done to ensure student safety? Oluwa to all SDUSD PD and SDPD to ask for every other week to be patrolled. Also, the idea came up to have students bring in a emergency preparedness bag from home for disasters and events. Oluwa to also do a stand alone message about safety on SchoolMessenger.

  • Voting: K. Justice made motion to approve the CSSP, E. Liebenberg second. Motion passed.

3. T1PIP and Home School Compact

  • Action Item: Principal Oluwa opened discussion to both documents. Discussion ensued about GATE offered at Juarez. J.M. explained that we are not a GATE school, because numbers are not high enough, but we are not offering our students the opportunity to be enriched. GATE to be removed from Home School Compact.

  • Voting: P. Leming made a motion, J. McCaskey second. Motion to approve H/SC passed.

* Voting: P. Leming made a motion, J. McCaskey second. Motion to approve T1PIP passed.

4. SSC By Laws

  • Action Item: Discussion ensued about the SSC ByLaws. We changed that the meetings do not need to be held on the first Monday of every month. We discussed that it may be easier to meet in the morning. On page 5 discussion around the fact that we do not have a marquee and that we cannot advertise elections there. It has been removed.

  • Voting: J. McCaskey made a motion, E. Liebenberg second. Motion passed to approve SSC ByLaws

5. Data Review

  • Informational: Site charged with assessments (exception state). How do we go about ensuring that our students are making achievements in becoming all of the things we as a site has said we want them to be and do- With that being said, we are also charged with as a committee spending the money, if we are not keeping track of student achievement how do we know how to properly spend the site funds?

  • We will be asking different stakeholders these same questions

  • Informational - Students will continue to be assessed with the DRA and running records for reading. Once students fall behind in grade 3 in reading, research shows that students are 50% less likely to graduate from high school. Our budget reflects the work that teachers are going to be held responsible for - creating, analyzing, and planning based on data. This takes time. SSC can create a survey in order to decipher if parents are interested in informational evening around data, specifically SBAC.

6. DAC and ELAC

DAC Report

ELAC Report

  • Informational: Mr. Santillan to report

  • Informational: ELAC interest group forming and then will decipher if handed over to SSC.

  • Informational- first DAC meeting is tomorrow. DAC calendar passed out.

7. Public Comment

  • Informational - will back to school night begin in the auditorium and will we have two opportunities to hear teachers if we have multiple teachers. Yes.

Next Scheduled SSC Meeting: October 2, 2017

8:15-9:15 p.m., Library

Date Posted: September 15, 2017

(must be 72 hours before meeting)

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